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Indiana Advanced Mast Install

WindResource is a wind analysis company serving the Wind Energy Industry nationwide.

Our team of professionals focuses on meteorological tower installations,
decommissioning and maintenance.

WindResource has installed met towers all of the United States,
in every climate and every terrain.

WindResource continues to be a leader in our industry through training and innovation.

News & Dates

WindResource signs landowner leases in Eastern Oklahoma. WindResource has signed several landowner leases in Eastern Oklahoma as part of a proposed 1400 acre 35-45 megawatt wind farm. The project is in it’s early stages of development and will begin testing as early as October of this year. MORE
WindResource attends AWEA Conference in Chicago, Illinois. MORE
WindResource installs first met tower on BLM land in Northern Arizona.MORE
WindResource becomes Advanced Mast Systems premier installer. Advanced Mast Systems out of Atlanta, Illinois manufactures 60 meter lattice “tilt-up” met towers. These “tilt-up” lattice towers can go from a 60 meter to an 80 meter by lowering and adding sections once FAA approval is granted. Please contact us for more information.
WindResource puts on Met Tower Safety Workshop in Phoenix. MORE